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1.1 When is the shop open?

Heights Music Shop is opens the traditional music shop hours, Tuesday-Thursday 12pm-7pm, and Friday and Saturday 11am-6pm. We are closed Mondays and Sundays, and all holidays.

1.2 Do you buy other instruments besides guitars?

We are primarily a guitar shop, and therefore it is unlikely for us to buy or consign brass or woodwind instruments. However, there are certain cases where we will consign other string instruments, keyboards, etc. You can always inquire at the shop or call in to ask, and gear is always welcome!

1.3 How do repairs work?

At our shop we employ the work of a professional tech. He picks up pieces brought into the shop for repair on Saturdays and drops off completed workorders on Tuesdays. We do charge for set ups and strings, and always strive to do the best work for you and your instrument.

1.4 Do you have guitar classes?

We do not do group classes, however we have several expert teachers that do private lessons in the shop. We also have a picking circle that meets in the shop the first Tuesday of every month (look under Open Mics & Jams on the website).

1.5 Can I perform at the shop?

We have an Open Mic on the first Sunday of every month (visit Open Mics & Jams on the website). However if you wish to perform at our shop concerts or any other gigs, you can leave your information and we will forward it to our booking agent.

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